The Splattery





♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima


Similar in concept to Rage Rooms, The Splattery is a way to relieve stress. The major difference? Instead of breaking things, you are creating them!

Throw paint. Spin Art. Pop balloons. Forever changing mediums and canvases.

Splattery is great for kids to play with their "pod". For couples to escape the e-learning drudgery. For a Girl's Night Out - forget the whines and bring the wine!

Your upmost safety is at the forefront of our minds. Your appointment reserves the WHOLE studio for an hour for your group of up to 12. In between sessions, the space will be fully sanitized using a special fogger.

What to know before you come:

You WILL get messy. You will be provided with a poncho and shoe covers, but they will not protect you 100% against splatters. Please wear appropriate clothing. Paint and other mediums may stain. Those not participating do not have a fee; however, total number in the party may not exceed 12. $100/minimum per hour per group.


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